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AB-FUBINACA was found out by some competent scientists in Japan with their massive studies and experiments in the past few years which has a chemical compound that can be used as a substitute for some different kinds of natural cannabis. This white colored chemicals was legal to almost all countries of the world in the past years but recently, it’s band to some countries because of its great effects and that being misused by some users. Nowadays, AB-FUBINACA is available in just a few trusted research chemicals company only and one of that company is Xiosin Research Chemicals company LTD. We guaranteed that AB-FUBINACA is more than 99% purity. When buying research chemicals via internet, you should see to it that you select the most trusted and reliable research chemicals website with good reputation and outstanding in delivering manufactured and tested quality products.

AB-FUBINACA is another kind of cannabinoids by its chemical compounds which has the same effects as cannabis. The impact of AB-FUBINACA is too strong because this is a highly concentrated chemicals and that being advised not to take an excessive dosage. Taking too much of this chemical tends to experience serious negative side effects such as physical effects, cognitive effects, visual effects and auditory effects. It is very important to follow the safety dosage precautions in using AB-FUBUNACA because it considered to be moderately addictive. The great effects of this chemical last about one week which leads the users to use it over and over again. If you are using any other synthetic cannabinoids while using AB-FUBINACA, the effect of other synthetic cannabinoids would be lessening because of its strong effects.  Unlike other cannabinoids that are commonly smoked or vaporized to get a high-speed effect, AB-FUBINACA can be use orally and can dissolve with ethanol and lipids. Take note that it is not capable of liquefaction in water.

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